Product Involvement

Consulting assignments have involved assessing foreseeable, even if unintended risks from Gas Valves, Electric Heaters, Wood Stoves, Kerosene Heaters, Appliances, Power Tools, Extension Cords,  Flammable Sprays and Adhesives, Chain Saws, Riding & Walk-behind Lawn Mowers, Zero-turn Radius Tractors, Power Tools, Fireworks, ATVs, Bicycles, Lead Paint, Tap-water Faucets, Infant Gates, Cribs & Walkers, Ladders, Bunk Beds, Hot Water Heaters, Amusement Rides, Automatic Garage Doors,  Televisions, TV Carts, Furniture, Window Blind Cords, Toys & Small Parts, Infant Seats & Carriers,  Exercise Equipment,  Clothes Dryers,  Smoke Alarms,  Swimming Pools & Spas,  and more.